Smart insole is an IoT based wearable device, which provides corrective exercise solutions based on the foot
pressure and the weight shift data.
Make Any Footwear Smarter.
The pressure sensor is embedded in an insole, which tracks the foot pressure and the weight shift to assess the walking pattern and the body type.
Receive Two Solutions
‘Salted Golf’ is a solution application for the proper golf
swing, but also can be received solutions from ‘Salted Balance’, ‘Salted Training’, which is a solution application for the body balance
Cuttable Insole
Cut your insole to fit your footwear
(Gearbox sold separately)
Vibration Feedback

(IP68 Certified)

Easy magnetic
Charging cable

Yoga Coach
Visualized weight shift helped a lot on performing yoga moves.
Golf Coach
With smart insoles, it’s easy to realize and fix wrong weight shift in golf swing.
Regular User
I never knew I had a poor body balance.
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