Smart Running and Gait Analysis
Get personal coaching in real time to develop perfect posture while exercising
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"SALTED Smart Insole," an IoT-based wearable device, and "DRAX Treadmill," a key player in Korea’s exercise machine industry, have joined forces for
Strategic Technical Partnership
SALTED Treadmill utilizes Smart Insole technology to provide smart running and gait analysis. Through pressure sensors, Smart Insole collects data on foot pressure, weight shift, body type, center of posture, and more while the user exercises on the treadmill.
Main Functions
Gait Analysis
Users will receive real-time feedback. Body balance will be assessed at each gait cycle by using data, such as gait cycle, gait period, gait size, speed, and center of posture.
Running Analysis
Data on running form, pace during each section, running foot strike type, steps taken, stride length per minute, ground contact time (GCT), and more are provided.
Exercise Results Report
A report on the exercise results is shown so that users can learn about their own running and gait form. Through an analysis of posture for each movement, a personal trainer can recommend proper exercise methods and suggest ways to improve posture.
Running crew and marathoners who need to practice for various techniques
Gym lovers who like interval training using a treadmill
Fitness centers who want to attract members with the most advanced methods
Health centers that provide preventative care for Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s disease
Patients who need rehabilitative care and rehabilitation therapists
If you want to optimize your walking and running based on accurate data using smart technology,
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Expert Review
Kim Yong-taek, Adidas Runners Team Coach
"The analysis of your body’s balance while running and walking will help you to check whether your body is in the right shape and whether your training and running posture are correct."