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  • Chapter 1 Application of Terms and Conditions

    Article 1 (Purpose)

    The purpose of these terms and conditions is to prescribe the rights and responsibilities of the service and user (referring to non-members who did not agree to the terms and conditions) and members (referring to persons who agreed to the terms and conditions and entered a usage agreement with the company who can use the services provided by the company) for using the SALTED Baseball Service (hereinafter called Service) offered by SALTED Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Company).

    Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

    The definition of the terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows and shall be in accordance with that stipulated by relevant laws and service information.
    • 1) Service: Refers to providing links to go to YouTube Baseball contents page, offers video contents for swing, batting. Pitching. catching by position of professional baseball player, as well as recording golf swings and mobile (Android, iOS) application services for viewing, recording and saving Insole data in real-time according to actions by linking with the SALTED Smart Insole.
    • 2) Account: Refers to membership identification unit for managing the Service usage history of each member.
    • 3) Refers to the login account policy designated by Company to manage member authentication, change of member information, subscription and cancellation, etc. using a single ID and password for the Service provided by Company. At this time, IDs shall be limited to up to three e-mail addresses such as Kakao, Google or Apple accounts that the user has already signed up to.
    • 4) Mobile device: Refers to electronic devices such as the user’s mobile phone, tablet PC, etc. for using Service.
    • 5) SALTED Smart Insole: Refers to the IoT-based Smart Insole device provided by Service that links to the mobile device via Bluetooth.
    • 6) Insole data: Refers to data on the pressure applied to SALTED Smart Insole when a member inserts the SALTED Smart Insole in the shoes and stands on the ground.
    • 7) Data: Refers to videos produced or backed up by members or swing, batting. Pitching. catching practice record files. Videos may include Insole data.
    • 8) Backup: Refers to the act of synchronizing data saved by a member in the mobile device to the server.
    • 9) Membership withdrawal: Refers to the act terminating usage agreement with Company by member

    Article 3 (Expression, Explanation and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

    • 1. Company shall post the contents of the terms and conditions, company name, CEO name, business address (including address of center for processing consumer complaints), telephone no., E-mail address, business registration no., online marketing business declaration no., personal information management supervisor, etc. through its company website or connection screen of the Service in a manner that it is easy for members to peruse.
    • 3. If the company revises the terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for amendment shall be specified on the initial screen of the company's website along with the current terms and conditions at least 7 days prior to the effective date.
      However, if the contents of the terms and conditions are revised against the user, it shall be posted in the Service or connection service that can reasonably help members become aware of such revisions at least 30 days in advance. Company shall clearly compare the contents before and after revision for easy recognition by members.
    • 4. Notwithstanding the Company clearly notifying or announcing its intent to members that ‘if the will to deny from the date of notification until the enforcement date of the revised terms and conditions, it shall be deemed to be agreed to,’ if the member does not indicate his or her intent to deny, it shall be deemed that the member agrees to the changed terms and conditions. Should the member not agree to the revised terms and conditions, he or she may withdraw membership according to the regulations of these terms and conditions.
    • 5. By principle, the terms and conditions shall be applied from the date of agreeing to these terms and conditions until withdrawing membership. However, some provisions of these terms and conditions may be effective even upon withdraw membership.
    • 6. For matters not prescribed in these terms and conditions or on its interpretation, it shall be in accordance to the ACT ON THE CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC., FRAMEWORK ACT ON ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS AND TRANSACTIONS, GUIDELINES FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC COMMERCE, ETC. as prescribed by the Free Trade Commission, and other relevant laws.

    Chapter 2 Members

    Article 4 (Subscription)

    • 1. Subscription to membership is possible by linking Kakao, Google or Apple account information through the service subscription connection screen of the Service to use Services offered by Company. However, subscription using Apple account information is available only for iOS.
    • 2. In the subscription process, an ‘one e-mail address account from Kakao, Google or Apple’ is collected as a mandatory item and ‘name (nickname), profile photo), gender, DOB’ as optional items, and members may edit the provided optional items during or after subscription.
    • 3. Company shall deem that the member agreed to the terms and conditions when beginning use of Service by clicking or tapping on the ‘Agree’ button on the subscription screen, and by approving the application upon completing the subscription process, the membership subscription agreement shall be concluded.
    • 4. The Service usage agreement shall be effective when Company’s approval reaches the member.

    Article 5 (Management of Member Information)

    • 1. Member may edit personal in the Service.
    • 2. In the event that there are concerns that the member’s nickname may result in leaks of personal information, that the member may be mistaken for another person, is anti-social or against good customs, violate the rights of a third person, or may be misleading as Company or Company administrator, use of such nickname may be restricted. Furthermore, even in other cases where it judged that reasonable judgment by Company is required, the respective nickname may not be allowed for use.
    • 3. In the event that the account, password, etc. of the account registered by member is the same as that registered by Company, the user shall be deemed to be a member without taking separate verification procedures.

    Article 6 (Restrictions for Use of Account)

    • 1. When a member unsubscribes, uploaded data will be deleted and in the even that member does not take personal preservation measures, etc. despite being notified by Company on preservation methods and deletion, Company shall not take any liability.
    • 2. Company must approve account usage immediately to subscriber as per Article 5. However, Company may suspend or refuse approval in the case of any of the following until such reason is addressed.
      • 1) When losing membership eligibility previously according to these terms and conditions.
      • 2) When using the name of another person
      • 3) When providing false information or not entering information requested by Company
      • 4) When approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to member
      • 5) When applying by violating relevant laws and other regulations
      • 6) Persons under the age of 14 who subscribed without consent from his or her legal representative
      • 7) When services cannot be provided due to non-possession of technologies and equipment
    • 3. In the event that it is found later that a member created an account in violation of the above, the membership will be suspended immediately, and a period of 30 days or longer shall be provided to notify member of such measure and to provide the opportunity to defend him or herself. If the reason for suspension is not resolved within the given term, Company shall retract membership eligibility and terminate membership registration.

    Article 7 (Notification)

    • 1. Member can visit the customer center in the Service at any time to voice his or her opinion to Company.
    • 2. In the event that Company notifies member, such notification can be sent to the e-mail addressed designated in advance by member to Company.
    • 3. When giving notification to a group of unspecified members, individual notification can be substituted by posting the notification on the Service announcement screen or as pop-ups in the Service for a minimum of one week. However, for matters having major impact related to the transaction with member, they shall be notified individually.

    Article 8 (Provision of information and posting of advertisements)

    • 1. The company may place advertisements using the information entered by members in connection with the service operation. Members agree to the posting of customized advertisements exposed when using the service.
    • 2. The Company may provide various information deemed necessary while using the service to the member through homepage, content screen, announcement, etc., and if the member's prior consent is obtained, it may be provided by email or other methods. Members can reject the reception at any time through e-mail to the company.
    • 3. The Company shall not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from the member's participation in, correspondence, or transactions in the promotional activities of advertisers posted on the service or through the service.
    • 4. Members can reject reception at any time through the management menu, except for transaction-related information and answers to customer inquiries in accordance with relevant laws.

    Chapter 3 Service Usage

    Article 9 (Provision and Use of Services)

    • 5. Company shall begin offering Service upon approving subscription application of member.
    • 6. By principle, use of Services shall be provided 24 hours a day, all-year-round. However, Service may be temporarily suspended for Company’s operational or technical reasons such as scheduled inspections, and Services may also be temporarily suspended for periods designated by Company for operational purposes. In this case, Company shall announce the temporary suspension and the suspension period of Services by principle, but if it is not possible to provide advance notification or for urgent or inevitable circumstances, it shall be notified later.
    • 7. Members can use Services without limitations on the number of mobile devices with a single account. However, when entering the service use agreement with an Apple account, Services are limited to mobile devices with an iOS operating system.
    • 8. Company may edit, change or stop all or parts of Services according to Company’s business plans and Service operation policies, and unless there are specific regulations stipulated by law, compensation will not be offered to members. In the event that it is judged to hold members at a disadvantage, however, it shall be notified in the Service or through the connection screen.
    • 9. In the event that member connects to the Company website via wired/wireless networks or uses Company Services in a device connected to a wired/wireless network, or when using Company services from abroad, there may be data usage costs according to the communication rates entered between the carrier that the member subscribed to and the member.

    Chapter 4 Duties of Contracting Parties

    Article 10 (Protection of Member Information)

    • 1. Company shall collect minimal information within the scope necessary to execute the agreement when collecting user information. In this case, details on the collected information may be checked in the Privacy Policy.
    • 2. Company shall strive to protect the personal information of members as prescribed by relevant laws such as the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. and the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT. However, in links such as YouTube, etc. not produced and provided by Company, the Company’s personal information handling policies shall not be applied.
    • 3. When Company collects personal information that can identify individual users, the purpose shall be notified to the user and consent shall be obtained by a separate form, and user may at any time withdraw consent and terminate service usage agreement.

    Article 11 (Reversion, Management and Restriction of Use of Data)

    • 1. The rights and responsibilities of data posted by members in the Service shall be reserved by the member who uploaded the data. The company is prohibited to monitor and manage the data stored by the member on his/her mobile device and does not take responsible for this.
    • 2. The rights and responsibilities of data posted by members in the Service shall be reserved by the member who uploaded the data.
    • 3. The data uploaded by the member to the company's server through backup can be used to improve the service.
    • 4. The company is not responsible for and does not guarantee the reliability, truthfulness, and accuracy of members' posts.
    • 5. In the event that the data uploaded by member includes contents that violate relevant laws such as the ACT ON PROMOTION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK UTILIZATION AND INFORMATION PROTECTION, ETC. or the COPYRIGHT ACT, the authorized person may request deletion, etc. of the data according to the procedures prescribed by competent laws, and Company may take actions according to the law.
    • 6. Should the member terminate the subscription agreement, all data uploaded by the user may be deleted. However, in the event that it is stored by a third person or is reproduced without authorization, etc. and the data is not deleted, but reposted or uploaded in places other than Service, Company shall not be held liable.
    • 7. Company may retain member ID and member information according to the Company’s personal information handling policy’s preservation period and relevant laws even after the subscription agreement is terminated for members who violated these terms and conditions or relevant laws for the purpose of protecting other members, or to provide to courts, investigation institutes, or other requests as evidence upon request.

    Article 12 (Duties of Company)

    • 1. Company shall not engage in activities prohibited by law or these terms and conditions or that are in contrast to good customs, and shall do its utmost to provide services continuously and stably according to that prescribed by these terms and conditions.
    • 2. Company must have a security system to protect the personal information (including credit information) of users so that members may use the internet services safely.
    • 3. In the event that Company engages in unfair labeling and advertising stipulated in Article 3 of the ACT ON FAIR LABELING AND ADVERTISING for products or services, which result in damages to members, Company shall be held liable for compensation.
    • 4. Company shall not send profit-seeking advertisement e-mails to members who wish not to receive such e-mail.
    • 5. When the Company determines a complaint or objection raised by a member is justified, it will promptly process within a reasonable period. However, if the processing exceeds the standard period, the reason and processing schedule will be notified to the member on the company website, by e-mail, phone or in writing.

    Article 13 (Duties of Members)

    Members may not engage in the following activities.
    • 1) Registration of false information during subscription or changing membership information
    • 2) Stealing information of others
    • 3) Act of damaging the reputation or interfering with the operations of Company or other third persons
    • 4) Changing information posted by Company
    • 5) Transmission or posting of information other than that designated by Company (computer programs, etc.)
    • 6) Violation of intellectual properties such as copyrights of Company or other third persons
    • 7) Copying, editing, distributing, selling, transferring, loaning, providing as collateral, or allowing use to others the Service or its included software without the prior consent of Company
    • 8) Reverse-engineering software included in the Service, attempting to extract the source codes, or otherwise reproducing, dismantling, imitating, or changing Services.
    • 9) Transmitting or posting information that is prohibited from transmission or posting (including computer programs) by relevant laws
    • 10) Registering or posting computer virus infection data that can destroy or cause confusion to information, or malfunctions to equipment related to Service
    • 11) Posting pornographic or violent messages, visuals, voice, or other information that is in contradiction to good customs
    • 12) Posting or sending to Company e-mail data including computer codes, files and programs with software viruses, etc. designed to destroy or interfere with the normal activation of computer software, hardware, or electronic communication equipment
    • 13) Other illegal actions

    Article 14 (Duties on Management of Member ID and Password)

    • 1. Responsibility for managing ID and password, except in the case of Article 13, shall be borne by members.
    • 2. Members may not allow a third person to use his or her ID and password.
    • 3. In the event that a member becomes aware that his or her ID and password was stolen or that a third person is using it, that member must notify Company immediately and follow the instructions of Company.

    Chapter 5 Attribution and Management of Posts

    Article 15 (Attribution of intellectual property rights)

    • 1. The copyright of the member’s post in the service belongs to the author of the post.
    • 2. When a member uploads a post on the service, it is deemed that it will be allowed for other members to use the post in the service or the company to use as a search result.
    • 3. Posts uploaded by members in the service may be exposed to search results, service and related promotions, advertisements, etc., and may be partially modified, duplicated, edited and posted within the scope necessary for such exposure.
      In this case, the company complies with the copyright law regulations, and the member can request actions such as deletion, search results exclusion, or privacy for the post at any time through the customer center or email.
    • 4. If you wish to use the member's post in a way other than the mentioned clauses, you must obtain the member's consent in advance through phone, fax, or e-mail.
    • 5. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to all trademarks, service marks, logos,. design of the service, text created by the company, scripts, graphics, etc. are owned by the company or licensed by the company in accordance with relevant laws.

    Article 16 (Management of postings)

    • 1. A If a member's post contain contents that violate related laws such as 「Information and Communication Act」 and 「Copyright Act」, the right holder may request the suspension or deletion of the post and the company must take action in accordance with the relevant laws.
    • 2. If a post with the following contents is posted in the service, the company may temporarily block or delete access to the post even if there is no request from the right holder.
      • ① Infringement of privacy, defamation, profanity, or profanity
      • ② Impediment of public order and morals and demeaning of certain groups, or religions.
      • ③ Infringement of the rights of others with unconfirmed or unfounded content.
      • ④ Infringement of other's copyright.
      • ⑤ When personal information of others is included.
      • ⑥ When advertising/promotional content is included.
      • ⑦ Repeated postings with the same content.
      • ⑧ Interference with the company's smooth service provision such as malicious code.
      • ⑨ If it is determined that it may have an unhealthy effect on the smooth service use of other members.
    • 3. If a member terminates the membership contract, all works created by the member may be deleted. However, if the work is created through a joint work, the post may remain in the posts of the co-author. The Company shall not be held liable for the case that the work is reposted without being deleted by being kept by a third party or reproduced through unauthorized copying.
    • 4. To protect other members and use them as evidence at the request of courts, investigative agencies or related agencies, the company preserves in accordance with the company's personal information processing policy even after a member who violates this agreement and related laws terminates the membership contract. Member ID and member information can be preserved according to the period and related laws.
    • 5. For reasons such as service policy or integration between services operated by the company, posting location may change or revised and in this case, it will be notified in advance.

    Chapter 6 Termination of Usage Agreement, Etc.

    Article 17 (Termination of Usage Agreement)

    • 1. Members can request withdrawal of membership at any time and Company shall process the withdrawal immediately.
    • 2. When a member unsubscribes, uploaded data will be deleted and in the even that member does not take personal preservation measures, etc. despite being notified by Company on preservation methods and deletion, Company shall not take any liability.
    • 3. Even if the usage agreement is terminated, you may request to enter a usage agreement again with Company.

    Article 18 (Compensation for Damages)

    • 1. Company does not pledge or guarantee any details not explicated in these terms and conditions related to Service within the limit allowed by law. Furthermore, Company does not guarantee the credibility, accuracy, etc. of information, materials and facts posted on Service by CP (Contents Providers) or members, and Company shall not be liable for damages that you may incur if such is not the fault of Company.
    • 2. Members shall be liable for compensation of damages caused by Company or other users due to reasons attributable to the member.
    • 3. In the case of damage to the company due to illegal acts performed by a member while using the service or violating these terms and conditions, the company shall be indemnified at his own responsibility and expense, and if the company is not exempted, the member shall compensate for the damage.

    Article 19 (Company's Disclaimer)

    • 1. In the event that Company is unable to provide Services due to natural disasters or other forces majeure, Company shall be exempted from the responsibility to provide Service.
    • 2. In the event that members incur damages because a key telecommunications business operator suspends electric communication services or fails to provide it normally, Company shall be exempted from responsibility unless there is intention or gross negligence on part of Company.
    • 3. In the event that services are stropped or malfunctions occur due to unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, maintenance or construction of equipment used for services announced in advance, company shall be exempted from responsibility unless there was intention or gross negligence on part of company.
    • 4. Company shall be exempted from responsibility in the event that malfunctions for using the Service occurs due to reasons attributable to members.
    • 5. The company does not guarantee the reliability and accuracy of information, data, facts, etc. posted or transmitted by the member in the service, and is exempted from liability unless there is intentional or gross negligence of the company or its employees.
    • 6. Members are responsible for any damage to the computer system, loss of data or information caused by downloading or accessing specific programs or information using the company's services at their own discretion.
    • 7. The company is not obligated to intervene in disputes between members or between members and third parties through the service. In the event of damage caused by this, the liability is exempted unless there is intentional or gross negligence of the company.
    • 8. The company is exempted from liability for damages arising from the member's failure to obtain the expected profits from using the service or the choice of using the service.
    • 9. Parts of the Service may be provided by other businesses, and Company shall be exempted from damages that occur due to services provided by other businesses unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of Company.
    • 10. The Company shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by mobile device errors, or for damages caused by incorrect input of personal information and e-mail address, unless there is intentional or gross negligence of the company.

    Article 20 (Dispute resolution)

    • 1. The court of jurisdiction for lawsuits on e-commerce disputes between Company and members regarding use of Service shall be the court of jurisdiction according to the CIVIL PROCEDURE ACT.
    • 2. Company shall handle complaints and suggestions submitted by members with priority. However, if prompt handling is impossible, the user shall be notified immediately of the reason and handling schedule.
    • 3. In the event that lawsuits or filed for disputes that occur regarding the user of Service, the laws of the Republic of Korea shall be applied.

    [Supplementary Provision]

    (Enforcement Date)
    These terms and conditions shall be effective as of Jan. 15th, 2021.