Personal Trainer in Your Hand

This is a personal coaching solution
with real-time audio feedback for achieving perfect posture.


What does SALTED Training do?

SALTED Training is a solution that allows you to exercise with better posture through real-time audio feedback.

Analyze your movements with real-time audio feedback.

Avoid excercising in poor posture. via audio feedback. Because balance is what it matters.

Compare your postures with others' as well.

By comparing your postures with others', you will be able to get another valuable insights.

Seeing is believing. Check experts' posture fixing videos.

It may be difficult to fix your posture at first. Check how experts fix theirs.

Body Balance exercising
with foot pressure measurements.

With real-time audio coaching, you can analyze
your weight shift pattern while you do squat, deadlift, lunge and so on.

Step 01

Set reps that fits your goals.

Step 02

Exercise following Smart Insole Foot pressure guide.

Step 03

Check reviews of your training results.

Posture Analysis through video recording.

You can compare your exercising with experts' after recording.

Step 01

Press 'recording' button and start exercising.

Step 02

After recording, go to Video Analysis tab.

Step 03

You can check the proper posture by comparing with videos of experts.

Now, it is your chance
to be part of our growth.

Please contact SALTED for business inquiry, affliation, product purchase and customer service.

Business hours
Business hours

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM KST
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