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Make your personal training smarter

Personal exercise solution based on body balance can be made available within 10 minutes.


Owner of the fitness center,

Isn't body analysis machine too pricey for your gym?

You can simply replace the high-priced machine with SALTED Smart Insole + SALTED Balance App.
They provide body shape and gait analysis, visualized motion data,
and can replace body shape analysis equipment; just like the body analysis machines do!
Get a solid balance solution that saves operational costs and increases cost-effectiveness today.

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salted balance

Pressure sensor

It provides guidelines so you can check body balance and alignment.
It allows you analyze easily with data of front, back, left and right weight distribution in real time.

Body balance analysis

We can check the time of ground contact (GCT), pedestrian cycle, movement patterns, etc. of the members. It diagnoses body balance and problems accurately.

salted balance

There are many trainers out there who needs to attract more PT members.

Are you one of trainers who give fitness
orientation by just 'saying'?

Proceed your orientation with the SALTED Balance App.
Bring more people to your gym with accurate body balance measurement
and customized exercise solutions.

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salted balance

Personalized exercise recommendations

Based on body shape analysis data, our app provides customized exercise solution.

Member management

It allows you to manage your members efficiently with the history of each member's exercise.

Fast, Easy, Simple.

SALTED Balance solution is highly recommended to gym owners and trainers out there.

Measure your balance just in 10 minutes.

Measure your balance just in 10 minutes.

It takes 10 minutes only from the beginning to the end of orientation. A few pose will allow you to measure from balance analysis to overall ratings.

Free space, unlimited use of places

Free space, unlimited use of places

With tablets and SALTED Smart Insole, you can measure body balance in any place, even in crowded gym full of workout equipments.

Easy to Store

Easy to Store.

SALTED Insole Case allows you to store multiple insole compactly, so you can store them anywhere. (Bulk purchase customers will get a free SALTED Insole Case.)

Are you curious about more detailed
function of SALTED Balance?

You can check more about SALTED Balance on YouTube, 'SALTED OFFICIAL'.

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Make any shoes SMART.

SALTED Smart Insole,
get your customized workout plan through our application

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Real-time vibration feedback

Real-time vibration feedback

Real-time motion feedback through 12 vibration patterns



IP68 Waterproof Certification - Keep it clean and tidy.

Simple magnetic charging

Simple magnetic charging

Easy charge via magnetic charging cable.

Personal trainers who have experienced SALTED
assures its outstanding effect.

  • People with chronic ankle, knee and back injuries can also use
    SALTED Smart Insole to prevent the injuries and strengthen the muscles.


    Song Jong-guk Sports Center

    CEO Song Jong-guk

  • SALTED Smart Insole strongly recommended
    if you want to provide differentiated services.


    PULSE Gym

    CEO Kim Seung-eon

  • We achieved a monthly peak of 55 million won after using smart insole.
    Sales of all trainers using Smart Insol have more than doubled.


    MVM fitness

    Manager Lee Jin Woo

  • When I provided fitness orientation with SALTED Smart Insole,
    I made it almost 7 or 8 out of 10.


    Team Tiger Trainer

    Trainer Kim Dong-chan

For the success of fitness centers, PT studios, and fitness centers,

Free Experience Application

SALTED Balance is basically free service, however, there are a lot more services you can experience if you join the membership.
(SALTED Balance membership is available after purchasing the SALTED Smart Insole.)

Now, it is your chance
to be part of our growth.

Please contact SALTED for business inquiry, affliation, product purchase and customer service.

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