Make Any Footwear Smarter

An IoT-based smart wearable device,
SALTED Smart Insole improves posture with accurate data

Smart Insole

4 Pressure Sensory Technology

With SALTED’s patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s foot pressure,
gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.

salted golf

The smartest way to check your body balance and the movement

It is so easy to understand about the movement of Center of Pressure when you see it with your eyes.
Also, it analyzes your foot pressure and gait pattern algorithm to help you balance and correct your body shape.

You can use whenever and wherever you are

Follow the instruction for Bluetooth pairing
and our insole will be connected anytime.

salted golf
salted golf

7 days walking on a single charge

Up to 7 days uses on a fully charged insole.
Let's put a smart insole in your shoes.

Connect to Your Mobile Application

With Bluetooth, users can connect SALTED Smart Insole to the mobile app
to assess their posture and receive personalized exercise recommendation.


Improves driving distance
with body swing practice



Increase your OPS through
Weight Shift Analyzed Swing

SALTED Baseball


Analyzes running and gait patterns
based on foot pressure data

SALTED Training


Provides exercise suggestions
based on body balance data

SALTED Balance
salted golf

Thin and Light

Made with EVA, insoles are light and have just
the right thickness, making them comfortable for feet.

Waterproof and Sweatproof

Our smart devices are waterproof and dust-resistant (IP68-certified), which can be used even on rainy or snowy days. It is hand washable and easy to manage.

IP indicates degree of protection certified by International Electronics Commission (IEC), and 68 is the highest level.
SALTED Smart Insole is rated at IP68, which is the same level of protection as the latest smartphone.

salted golf
salted golf


Users can customize the size of their
insoles according to their shoe size.

Birth of the world's
most adorable smart insole

Ryan and Apeach are so happy buddies
Here are the collaborative smart insole between SALTED
and KAKAO Friends Golf.

salted golf

Now, it is your chance
to be part of our growth.

Please contact SALTED for business inquiry, affliation, product purchase and customer service.

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