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Most Adorable Insole in the world

Meet world-class adorable Ryan and Apeach!
When SALTED meets Kakao Friends Golf; SALTED Kakao Insole limited edition

Kakao Friends Golf Insole

SALTED, it's all about Driving!

Come on
Step on it.

Master your weight shift on your swing with SALTED Smart Insole. Experience sending shots further you dreamed of.

SALTED Driving Skill - 8:2

Have 80% of your weight on left foot and 20%
on right foot and Swing.
Only SALTED can make your dream swing come true.

Improve your putting percentage! With your own 3.6.9m putting

Tik Tok! Make your own routine with the sound when practicing putting: 3.6.9m, by trying to put your COP for 5:5

The Perfect Weight Shift

No words needed.
Check how your weight shifts during a swing in real time.

How to Drive your ball further

This is the data of before & after the weight shift training with SALTED GOLF Coach.

(Measured before & after of Driving at the same range.)

Mr.Kim - 45 yards increase in Drive

"Before: No weight shift on top of backswing After:
Weight shifts to right after SALTED Balance Training."

Comparison mode - overlay your swing with tour pros' swing.

'Comparison Mode'
Compare your swing to pros' in SALTED Golf Application.

Swing Analysis between positions.
Address - Top of Backswing - Impact - Finish position;
Check the swing data between each position.

SALTED GOLF Instruction Contents

SALTED Golf App provides tour pros' coaching lesson and drills for free-only in Korean


  • Kakao Friends Golf - Apeach Pink

  • Kakao Friends Golf - Ryan Navy

  • Kakao Friends Golf - Apeach Mint

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