What are recommended specifications for the apps?

Recommended specifications for SALTED apps are listed below.


OS version : Minimum 5.0 , 10.0 or later recommended
Device : Samsung Galaxy Series recommended


OS version : Minimum 10.0, 12.0 or later recommended
Device : 
iPhone - X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, Se2, 12, 12 Mini , 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max or later
iPad -  iPad Mini(2019) , iPad Air(2019), iPad(2019), iPad Pro(2019), iPad Pro(2020) or later

Will I be available to access the data in my account with different tablet?

You won’t be able to if you haven’t subscribed in Balance app. SALTED Balance Subscription provides cloud service so you can accumulate your data into your account, not the device.
You can only manage your data on one single mobile device if you don’t subscribe.
Data will still be saved in one single device regardless of sub accounts.
*If you log another accounts on your tablet, the data on previous accounts may be deleted.

The app says it cannot find the insole around me.

Check the lists below and try connecting again.

1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device and try connecting in the SALTED app.

2. Take the black sticker off and charge it for about 3 to 4 hours before connecting.

3. Make sure you have flipped the insole before connecting.

If checklists above doesn't solve your problem, please let us know through our email (cs@salted.ltd) and we will be happy to give you a help.

It does not vibrate when connecting the charger.

Try charging by switching the cable for each insole.
If it still won't charge, please let us know through our email (cs@salted.ltd) and we will be happy to give you a help.

What’s your warranty period?

Our insole comes with a full year warranty.
You will be charged for the repair after a year of purchase.