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SALTED persues a healthy life style that begins from the feet.

We aim to professionally measure and record body balance through foot data obtained from the feet and apply it to all activities for exercise and health.


Our Vision

Our innovative hardware, software and services start from the feet.
SALTED established the company in 2015 as the first in-house venture of Samsung Electronics headquarters.
For professionals and general users in healthcare, fitness and rehabilitation, Internet of Things, wearable devices, etc.
We deliver data-driven healthcare and sports solutions with advanced technology.

Core Value

Our feet take only 2% of whole body area and it supports the rest of body,
98%. We share our core values with the mission of being responsible for the future as we begin our work from the feet.

Evolving Everyday

We keep evolving until
the moment everyone finds a healthy and long-lived life.

Creativity and Diversity

Creativity and diversity are the source of our skills. Our mission is to respect each other and create unreal things
to be real.

Ethical Mindset

Ethical mindsets become the basis of trust building. SALTED cares an etiquette among its executives and employees as the most important thing and creates a future.

Innovative Market Leader

We always lead the digital healthcare market with our new and innovative products.

What We Do

We provide various services for people
in healthcare, fitness, rehabilitation industries with
our IoT based wearable device and applications such as digital healthcare and sports solutions.

What We Do


SALTED founded from Samsung Electronics, in-house venture 'C-Lab' and spin-offed in September
in2015 Our technology and professions were acknowledged with awards
from CES Innovation in 2017 and ISPO Gold Winner in 2018.

In 2021, we have successfully received series B investment and now expanding global businesses.

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  • 2016
  • 2015
    • SALTED Baseball Service Launching

    • Contract 3.5m USD for Northern America and Europe

    • Best Seller on Amazon Golf Training Products

    • Selected as Innovative SME among BIG 3 industries

    • Excellence award from 16thSports industry awards in Korea

    • Healthcare & Fitness Solutions SALTED Balance App Launched

    • Received Series A investment

    • Smart Healthcare Solutions SALTED Training Service Launched

    • 스마트 헬스케어 솔루션 피트니스 노트 서비스 런칭

    • Smart Healthcare Solutions SALTED Treadmill Launched

    • Achievement of CES Innovation award

    • Achieved ISPO Gold Winner For Fitness and Health part

    • IOFIT shoes launcedc for golf and training solution

    • KICKSTARTER crowd funding exceed 300% funding

    • Ministry of Science and ICT Information and Communication's announcement to select promising ICT companies

    • Salted Venture founded as a 1st spinoff company by Samsung Electronics


We are a leading technology company recognized by global organizations.

CES Innovation Award

CES Innovation Award

November 2016, won the Innovation Award

ISPO Gold Award

ISPO Gold Award

January 2017 Gold Award winner

C16th Korea Sports Industry Awards

16th Korea Sports Industry Awards

In December 2020, the Excellence Award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Smart Insole

An IoT-based smart wearable device, SALTED Smart Insole improves posture with accurate data


Accurate and detailed performance data


Can use anytime and anywhere


Reasonable price with a cutting-edge technology

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