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    • [AS] 제품이 고장날 경우에 AS 는 어떻게 진행되나요?.

      구매 시점으로부터 제품 하자의 경우 1년 간 무상 A/S가 가능합니다.
      (단, 고객 과실로 발생하는 파손 및 고장에 대해서는 별도/추가 비용이 발생 할 수 있습니다.)

    • [기능] 체형분석 진단결과 공유는 어떻게 하나요?

      결과 리포트의 공유를 누르시면 PDF 파일로 변화되고 프린트 및 이메일 공유가 가능합니다.

    • [신발관련] 솔티드슈즈와 태블릿은 몇 미터까지 연결이 되나요

      솔티드슈즈는 테블릿의 안테나와 호환하여 연결을 유지합니다.
      따라서, 안테나와 멀어지면 감도가 떨어지게되어 일정거리(범위)를 벗어나는 순간 연결이 해제 됩니다.
      연결이 해제 되었을 경우 바로 '최근기기를 연결하기' 기능을 사용하시어 이어서 사용하시면 됩니다.

      현재 안드로이드 5~7미터, ios는 3.5~5미터까지 연결이 됩니다.

      * 테블릿 기종과 사양에 따라 차이가 있을 수 있습니다.

    • How do I use SALTED Golf app for putting practice?

      Set your putting data goal regarding weight shifts in Edit Profile by clicking human icon in the top left corner.

      In the practice mode, you can practice your swing while watching your real-time balance.
      For more putting drills using SALTED Golf app, check the link below.

      Putting drill with SALTED

    • What is SUMMARY in videotaped swing review tab?

      It tells you a difference between your swing and default setting which is average swing data of pro golfers.
      If you have set your specific goal, however, it will tell you how well you have reached your goal.
      If you don’t have any person to give you an advice on your fitted swing data, we suggest you to practice for default goal.

    • What are some functions I can use in SWING ANALYSIS mode?

      1. Voice Notes – You can share feedback with the voice notes saved video, letting your coach use it as remote lesson tool.

      2. Position Tuning – You can tune your key positions with the automatically set position.

      3. Drawing Tools – Analyze your swing movement even easily using drawing tools.

    • How can I effectively shoot a swing?

      Videotape your swing with SALTED Insole showing the pressure distribution.
      Practice effectively using various tools.
      You can set your adequate weight shifts on your swing through Balance Feedback function.
      It will prevent you excessive movements while you are practicing your swing.
      Our standardized grid(address position) gives you a guideline to have a constant posture for recording.
      You can label your videos depending on which club you are using. Manage and share your review s easily.

    • How do I set the goal of balanced swing?

      Tab the little human icon on top left corner. You can set your personal goal by editing your profile.
      Along with your personal information, set your own specific swing data goal in detail on your full swing / approach swing / putting.
      Once your goal is set, you can analyze, compare your swings with the goal and improve your swing eventually.
      (Average swing data of most of pro golfers are set as default.)

    • How can I actually improve my golf skills through SALTED Smart Insole and SALTED Golf app?

      SALTED Golf app improves your skills related to ground reaction force, lower body balance and weight shifts which are very important in golfing.
      You can also watch some videos practicing with our insole and the app on our official Youtube channel, SALTED OFFICIAL or lessons in the SALTED Golf app.

    • How do I review my videotaped swing?

      Tab the “VIEW YOUR SWING” button.
      Then select the video you’d like to see.
      You can view your swing with the data.
      You can also record your voice or leave a memo by clicking ‘review’ tab.