Train Smart, Play Smart
Use Salted insoles to measure and analyze your swing professionally and systematically to improve your performance.
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What is SALTED Baseball?
A non-contact coaching solution providing feedback for
each position based on video data analysis.
Cloud Service
- Saved data after app initialization or deletion.
- Simultaneously share your videos with multiple devices.
Easy Connection
- Automatically connect after initial registration.
- Connect your insoles with just a single touch.
Drill practice content
- Customized training contents for various users.
- Free drill lesson video for each position.
Drill Practice
Visualize your ideal foot pressure distribution and shift of center of gravity (C.O.P).
Detailed Analysis
Receive intuitive coaching and feedback through screen recording function and drawing mode.
How to Use SALTED Baseball Service
Connect the Salted Smart Insole to Salted Baseball app via Bluetooth pairing.
By recording insole data, restore your best drill records.
(Salted Smart Insole must be flipped over when connecting for the first time.)
Manage your practice records by position and player just using one device.
Receive feedback with a beep sound when excessive front/rear tilting and incorrect left/right weight shift causes to break your overall balance.
Improve your skills with our actively uploaded guide videos for each position.