Make your personal training smarter
Personal exercise solution based on body balance can be made available within 10 minutes.
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Dear fitness center owners,
Are you using body composition analyzers that are too expensive?
SALTED Balance can replace traditional body composition analyzers. It can be connected to SALTED Smart Insole by Bluetooth and provide body composition and gait pattern analysis data.
Get SALTED Balance to lower your costs and improve your service.
Get Smart Balance
Users will be instructed to follow guidelines so that video of them can be recorded. Their body weight in all directions based on foot pressure measurements and overall body balance will then be analyzed.
Accurate diagnosis of body balance is provided by measuring ground contact time (GCT), gait cycle, and movement patterns.
Dear personal trainers,
Now it’s time for data-based analysis!
Try using SALTED Balance in information sessions with your future/potential clients. With accurate body composition measurements and corrective exercise solutions, you can offer better solutions and attract more members!
SALTED Balance offers corrective exercise plan and training solutions based on the individual’s body composition data.
SALTED Balance will help manage members in a smarter way through the member management function available to each member.
Get the results in 10 minutes at most! With just a few basic moves, the balance analysis and overall assessment will be provided promptly.
With just a tablet and SALTED Smart Insole, body balance can be measured anywhere. This is great for gyms with limited space.
SALTED Smart Insoles are small and compact. They can be conveniently stored in places like desks and shelves.
(If insoles are purchased in bulk, a gear storage box will be provided separately.)
Want to know more about what SALTED Balance can do?
Visit the SALTED Balance YouTube Channel
Customer Review
Song Chong-gug,
Song Chong-gug Sports Center
“It is easy to injure your ankles, knees, and back when you exercise with incorrect posture. I’ve been using SALTED Shoes to show body balance and muscle movement in real time to our members. They seem to appreciate it very much."
Kim Seung-eon,
Director at Pulse Gym
"I strongly recommend using SALTED Shoes if you want to stand out from other gyms."
Lee Jin-woo,
MVM Gym Manager
"After using SALTED Shoes, I reached my highest monthly sale of 5.5 million won. All of the personal trainers who used SALTED Shoes doubled their sales or more."
Kim Dong-chan,
Trainer at Team Tiger Gym
"When I ran my information session with SALTED Shoes, my prospective members signed up for memberships on the spot at an 80% success rate."