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Discover the new way of the patient
care with NEUROGAIT service.
Our digital insoles empowers provider
and payer for advanced diagnostic processes.
Wear and Measure. It works so simple.
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Pleasure to work with

SALTED healthcare accelerates our
projects with passionate people to
deliver our healthcare solutions.
We are so proud of them.

Get your Insoles ready

NEUROGAIT Insole is a medical device.
This will capture every biomarker from the feet.

How NEUROGAIT works?

Providers need iOS tablet
Payers need any kinds of smartphone

Start walking

Gait data will be captured on the application,
and we provide specific parameters once
walking is done.

Analyzing a gold data

You will literally see how you walk
And analyzed data will be given.

Certified as medical device

NEUROGAIT Insole is certified as medical device.
We are ready to explore in worldwide.
Any inquires, please contact us.
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For Providers

Healthcare professionals, hospital, clinic and medical related organization


Realtime Biofeedback

Our digital insoles support to give real-time biofeedback
throughout our application.
Providers will be able to see
the movement of center of pressure while the patient is


Optimized for diseases

NEUROGAIT for providers support diverse areas of
disease such as neurology, rehabilitation and orthopedic.
With diagnostic functions and given parameters,
you can have deeper understanding of patient status


Monitor your patients

You can manage your patient’s information and schedule
on web-based dashboard.
Also, our application is
connected with web for the patient management
so that you can easily track down the history and
diagnose the improvement.

For Payers

Patients, Insurance company and administered medical service


Always on

As long as NEUROGAIT insole is connected, your
walking data will be captured on our application.
Every step can be a significant data and meaningful.


Personalized exercises

You can follow up your own exercise plans on
our application.
Reduce your time and make it more productive.


Better performance

When NEUROGAIT Insole on, you can perform
28 types of different exercises.
With the consultation of your healthcare professional,
you can combinate
the exercises which fits your status.